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McLuhan award goes to Jesuit communicator

TORONTO - Media guru Fr. John Pungente, S.J., has been fighting media illiteracy for half-a-century, and for his work the Marshall McLuhan Initiative has awarded Pungente and the Jesuit Communication Project the fourth annual Medium and Light Award for significantly contributing to religious communication.

Artist Hall’s latest work blessed at Saskatoon cathedral

SASKATOON - Toronto artist Sarah Hall was in Saskatoon as her latest work, housed in the Queen of Peace Chapel at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, was blessed by Bishop Donald Bolen. 

Talking Green Spirit

When Canada’s Catholic bishops last year spoke out yet again on the environment they were hoping they wouldn’t have the last word on the subject. Now a Catholic video production company along with several parishes and religious orders are hoping to get Catholic students and parishioners talking with the launch of Green Spirit TV.

French Mass survives CBC cuts

CBC budget cuts in April that will cost more than 600 employees their jobs left the weekly Mass in French relatively unscathed.

Intrigue among the incense

TORONTO - A smoky stage and the distinct scent of incense set the scene for the Vatican in 1978. It’s a place where “everything is confidential and nothing is secret,” according to the sharp-witted play The Last Confession.

Taking you back to 33 days in 1978

Thirty-three days into his papacy, Pope John Paul I was found dead. His sudden death in 1978 plunged Catholics and other Christians into what British actor David Suchet calls “absolute despair” and set the stage, literally, for the theatrical production of The Last Confession.

Polish culture, Catholic faith go hand-in-hand

TORONTO - When Poles want to introduce the world to Polish culture, it begins and ends with their Catholic heritage.

Church treasures saved from sale

TORONTO When churches have a stained glass emergency — imagine a rock thrown through hundred-year- old glass — they call Mansu Han, artist, craftsman and stained glass superhero.

Audio Bible enlists Hollywood A-listers

A Bible for the new age is taking Scripture back to its spoken roots.

Salt+Light spreads its wings

Canada’s Catholic broadcaster has opened its first French-language bureau.

Still heroic superheroes

Superheroes have gotten too super. In their original form, comic book characters like Superman, the Flash and Spiderman were drawn in a way that emphasized their humanity as much as their prodigious abilities.

Canadian artist’s homeless Jesus finds shelter at the Vatican

Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz’s life-sized bronze sculpture depicting Jesus as a homeless man lying on a park bench has found a home at the Vatican.

Christian art opens doors to our heritage

The first thing the Bible tells us about being human is that humans are an image. “Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness.’ ” We are a picture of God made by God.

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