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Parliament was presented recently with two visions of how a civilized society can respond to the emotional and physical needs of an aging nation. One is to permit caregivers to end the life, or help end the life, of a terminally sick or disabled consenting adult. The other is to provide the terminally ill with support and care to the end of their natural days.

Modern slavery


Human trafficking is a vile crime, a form of kidnapping and slavery that preys largely on women and children. It respects no boundaries and is conducted worldwide, in rich nations and poor, yet it rates alongside religion and politics as topics polite society prefers to avoid.

Companions’ joy


The ordination of a bishop is always a joyous event, but the anointing of Bishop Christian Riesbeck is more than a celebration of his personal episcopal calling. It is recognition of the important contribution that his fledgling order, the Companions of the Cross, has made to the life of the Church in barely one generation.

Beware celebrity


Can a pope be too popular? The question may seem odd but it is worth asking as the papacy of Pope Francis turns one year old.

Tough question


Among the thornier challenges Pope Francis has presented to Church hierarchy is to see if a path exists to bring divorced and remarried Catholics back into a full life of faith.

Euthanasia’s delusions


Twelve years after legalizing euthanasia for consenting adults facing dire medical situations, Belgium now permits euthanasia of terminally ill children. Next it wants to extend euthanasia to adults, primarily seniors, who lack the cognitive ability to give consent.

Smooth transition


When Pope Benedict shocked the world one year ago by abdicating the See of St. Peter there was no precedent to suggest how this would play out. It had been 700 years since a Pope freely resigned but even then the departure was for reasons other than frailty and declining health.

An unfair attack


It’s hard to complain when the Church gets taken to the woodshed over the sex abuse scandals. But a UN committee has gone way too far in a narrow-minded report that, by its omissions, is dishonest to the point of appearing vindictive and written principally to humiliate the Church.

Say no to wall


Israeli leaders have a fundamental duty to provide safety and security for their citizens. But they must act reasonably, and that does not include a carte-blanche license to bulldoze the rights and livelihoods of innocent people who pose no threat to anyone.

Doing the right thing


In a spat between the federal government and several provinces over health-care coverage for refugees, we have no hesitation in picking sides. We choose the side of compassion, the side that embraces what Pope Francis calls a “generous openness” to always comfort society’s most vulnerable members.

Cardinal Collins takes on Vatican bank oversight role


TORONTO - Cardinal Thomas Collins knows all about saving souls but with his appointment to the Vatican bank he’ll be getting a crash course in savings of another kind.