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November 3, 2022

Editorial: A failed law

The national disgrace of a priest in his 80s waiting years for pointless criminal charges to be abruptly dropped can be mitigated if a constitutional challenge overturns the law that caused the scandal.

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Lawyers for Fr. Tony Van Hee say they’ll press forward with a constitutional challenge to Ontario’s abortion clinic “bubble zone” law despite charges being dropped against the 87-year-old Jesuit priest.

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OTTAWA -- The case against an Ottawa Jesuit priest for violating Ontario’s abortion clinic bubble zone restrictions could go on for years, the lawyer for Fr. Tony Van Hee says.

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The Sunday New York Times full front-page listing of 1,000 names from among the nearly 100,000 who’ve died of COVID-19 was a bold, imaginative, powerful journalistic gesture.

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The Catholic Civil Rights League presented its annual Archbishop Adam Exner Award for Catholic Excellence in Public Life to Fr. Tony Van Hee at its annual award dinner in Toronto Nov. 25.

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The Catholic Civil Rights League is honouring an 84-year-old priest who for three decades has been a visible presence in the nation’s capital for his opposition to abortion.

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OTTAWA -- The Catholic Civil Rights League has joined a constitutional challenge by Fr. Tony Van Hee of Ontario’s controversial abortion “bubble zone” law.

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OTTAWA -- Fr. Tony Van Hee says nearly three decades spent fasting and praying on Parliament Hill to end abortion have been the best years of his life.

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