Deborah Gyapong, Canadian Catholic News

Deborah Gyapong, Canadian Catholic News

Deborah Waters Gyapong has been a journalist and novelist for more than 20 years. She has worked in print, radio and television, including 12 years as a producer for CBC TV's news and current affairs programming. She currently covers religion and politics primarily for Catholic and Evangelical newspapers.

{mosimage}OTTAWA - A recent Canadian Press-Decima Research Poll shows Canadians are divided on the role God played — or did not play — in the creation of humans. But that does not mean the evolution vs. creationism controversy raging in the United States will come to Canada.
{mosimage}OTTAWA - Early in May, when James Doak of Ottawa booked a hotel room for the 2008 International Eucharistic Congress next June 15-22 in Quebec City, he discovered the hotel he chose was already 90-per-cent full.
{mosimage}OTTAWA - The wish to abolish abortion in Canada topped the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish List on Facebook with 9,543 votes.

{mosimage}OTTAWA - Ottawa’s new archbishop called all Catholics, including lay men and women, to “enter on the path of holiness” during his installation at Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica June 26.


{mosimage}OTTAWA - The pro-life movement stands to lose some staunch political allies before the next federal election. Nine members of Parliament sympathetic to the cause have said they will not run again.
{mosimage}OTTAWA - Fifty years ago, at the beginning of the Cold War, 22 of the world’s greatest scientists gathered in the village of Pugwash, N.S., to talk about the threat of nuclear weapons.
{mosimage}OTTAWA - When the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) set up a Facebook group on the Internet called The Great Canadian Wish List , perhaps no one could have predicted that “Abolish Abortion in Canada” would rise to first place almost from the very start.
{mosimage}OTTAWA - The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace has raised alarms about the growing number of displaced persons needing assistance, especially in Iraq and Sudan.

{mosimage}OTTAWA - The pilgrims carrying the Ark of the New Covenant have faced snow and rain and shine.  They have become experts in caring for blisters. Some of them have sunburns on their faces.

{mosimage}OTTAWA - On June 1, Pope Benedict XVI made three Episcopal appointments in Canada and accepted two resignations, close on the heels of recent appointments to Ottawa, Edmonton and Saint John, N.B.