Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register

Evan Boudreau, The Catholic Register

Evan is a news reporter for The Catholic Register who graduated from Ryerson University's Bachelor of Journalism program with a major in newspaper and minor in English.

Byline appearances include The Hockey News, Fully Loaded, The Gravenhurst Banner, Classicboat Magazine and The Community Press.

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Think-tank heavyweight Cardus is calling on Canadians to bring religion back into the public square as the nation prepares to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

A report challenging the constitutional protection of Ontario’s publicly-funded Catholic school system has been dismissed by the minister of education.

From seeds for farmers to seed money for businesses, Chalice Canada has been evolving its charity work to match the fast-changing needs in developing countries.

Two simple words are all the payment Carla Martella needs for helping the Good Shepherd Ministries provide a holiday meal to the homeless and those in need.

For the first time, a not-so-little piece of Cape Breton is standing tall in Boston’s downtown this Christmas season, keeping alive a tradition that has its roots in a tragedy that rocked Nova Scotia 99 years ago.

Since St. Michael's Choir School began pressing albums in the 1970s, those purchasing the choral soundtracks were much like the students – members of an exclusive club.

If you've got sins that need absolving or a conscience to be cleared, yes … there's an app for that.

The journey toward Truth and Reconciliation takes many forms, but few will be as physically demanding as a history matching canoe trip planned for next summer.

Images of his prized Pietà cracking and crumbling robbed Lawrence Voaides-Cajabn of sleep the night before the statue's final journey to St. Michael's Cathedral.

TORONTO – While playing the role of an aboriginal being stripped of her land as part of an educational exercise, Danielle Duggan found herself fighting back real tears.