VATICAN – The Annunciation – the Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will bear God's son -- was such a tremendous, history-changing event that preaching about it is extremely difficult, Pope Francis said.
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VATICAN CITY – In a video message to young men and women around the world, Pope Francis called on them to provoke an uprising of change by serving others.
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Lady Day — the Catholic feast, not 1940s jazz diva Billie Holiday — doesn’t get much attention. It almost always falls too close to Easter and with the many Marian feasts crowding the Catholic calendar, it’s hard to make time for the Feast of the Annunciation. This year it has been moved from its usual March 25 to April 4 so it does not conflict with Good Friday.

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We are often eager to do favours for others without considering how they might feel about it. Do they really want or need what we have in mind? Are we satisfying our own needs under the guise of being openhanded and generous? This is even more the case when God is the recipient of our favours and gifts.

Does God want or need what we offer?

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SASKATOON - Toronto artist Sarah Hall was in Saskatoon as her latest work, housed in the Queen of Peace Chapel at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, was blessed by Bishop Donald Bolen. 

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