I hear this often: there isn’t much Christian or religious material out there. I also hear the media is now very secular. And this is where I stop people and say: No! You are wrong, it’s everywhere — we’ve just lost the art of finding Christianity and religion in everything. 

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VATICAN – Parents who prefer not to baptize their children in the hopes that they will "understand and ask for baptism" as adults lack faith that the Holy Spirit will act in their child's life, Pope Francis said.
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OTTAWA – Lawyers representing Trinity Western University faced tough questions from Supreme Court Justices Nov. 30 in an important religious freedom case involving communal rights.
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When Canada became a nation 150 years ago there was little debate about the prominent place of faith in society. Canada was to be built on Christian values. The founders rejected names such as Kingdom of Canada and Republic of Canada in favour of Dominion of Canada, a tribute to Psalm 72:8: “He shall have dominion from sea to sea.”

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NEW YORK – Disney's live-action adaptation of its beloved 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast arrives in theatres amid a swirl of controversy over the updating of one of its characters into an openly gay man.

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