Ordinandi, nun share their paths to religious life with youth

Seven-hundred and forty-six kids, Grades 9 to 12, shouted, laughed, sang, prayed. Some of them even cried. They came to the Ordinandi Youth Event for one reason — to hear a story.

Liturgy needs 'language of flowers', but not during Lent

VATICAN – Of the many traditions and penitential practices observed during the season of Lent, one of the more visible is the stark change in church decor and a complete absence of flowers.

Pope Francis’ seventh year will be ‘synodal’, Vatican spokesman says

VATICAN – On the sixth anniversary of Pope Francis’ election Wednesday, the Vatican's chief spokesman said Francis will continue to lead the Church as a synodal “field hospital” in the year ahead.

Benedictine abbot leads Pope, Roman Curia in Lenten retreat

VATICAN – When Pope Francis asked 50-year-old Benedictine Abbot Bernardo Gianni to lead his Lenten retreat, the abbot said he told the Pope he felt "very inadequate."

Avoid temptation, don't engage with the devil, Pope says at Angelus

VATICAN – When facing temptation, Christians should follow Jesus' example by not engaging in fruitless talk with the father of lies, Pope Francis said.

Answering God's call demands courage to take a risk, Pope Francis says

VATICAN – Answering the Lord's call demands the courage to take a risk, but it is an invitation to become part of an important mission, Pope Francis said.

God's Word on Sunday: It’s a good time to count God’s blessings

First Sunday of Lent, March 10 (Year C) Deuteronomy 26:4-10; Psalm 91; Romans 10:8-13; Luke 4:1-13

God is purifying the church with 'unbearable' pain of abuse scandal, Pope Francis says

ROME – The clerical abuse scandal has caused everyone in the Catholic Church "pain and unbearable suffering," Pope Francis said, but it also is a call to repentance and the renewal of the church.

Cardinal Collins sends a message of giving for Lent

Cardinal Thomas Collins is calling on Catholics to remember the importance of almsgiving this Lenten season.

Lent begins with reminder of all that fades away, Pope Francis says

ROME – Marked with ashes, Christians set off on a Lenten journey where they strive to leave behind everything that will turn to dust and instead focus on drawing closer to God and God's promise of eternal life, Pope Francis said.

Mary Marrocco: The gift of tears unlocks healing spirit

Her body is thin and tense. It carries the anguish, the hurts and false steps, of years. Her face does not as yet reveal the pain she’s known in her young life. She doesn’t cry. Alone, sometimes, she has bursts of uncontrollable stormy tears. Never the gentle kind and never for long.