'It's the Lord, working through the music,' Catholic fiddler Natalie MacMaster says

Whether or not St. Thomas Aquinas really said “he who sings prays twice,” it’s true.
  • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

    Rural Ontario high school recognized for their stewardship of creation

    “The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.”
    • By Meggie Hoegler, The Catholic Register

      Playwright presents the Catholic Church, world in human terms

      How much truth does it take to really set us free? A young journalist, a Latin American cardinal and the ghosts of his past set out to answer this difficult question about sin and redemption on the eve of a conclave that could well see the cardinal elected pope in the new play Omission.
      • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

        Producer Pete Shilaimon captures his faith in films

        If faith is meant for all people, then it is also meant for the box office.

        • By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

          Priest follows the trail of three wise men

          When the story of Jesus’ birth is told in the same breath as the story of Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman, it’s easy for the greatest story ever told to lose its weight as historical truth.
          • By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

            Sermon on the screen: Priest plays himself in 'Lady Bird'

            WASHINGTON – Part of a voice-over in the trailer for "Lady Bird" – playing over scenes from the movie and in between dialogue – comes from a homily delivered to Catholic high school students attending a school Mass in the beginning of the movie.
            • By Catholic News Service

              Nativity story takes a look at the wild side

              The story of Christmas has long been a classic. 

              Seeing the nativity story from the animals’ point of view … well, that’s another story altogether, though the director of animated film The Star has hopes for it becoming a classic, too. 
              • By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

                Poetry book a bittersweet dream come true

                It was always Rani Rivera’s dream to become a published poet, much like her mother Patria. What she didn’t know was that her dream would come true after her own death.
                • By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

                  Granddaughter sheds fresh light on Dorothy Day

                  Opening up the family vault for public scrutiny is never easy, even when your grandmother is considered a saint by many people.
                  • By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

                    'mother!' adds new twist on God and Bible

                    Darren Aronofsky’s latest film mother! has certainly stirred up a storm, and no wonder. It features murder, point-blank executions, incinerations and the killing and devouring of a child.

                      Art showcases migrant journey at Nuit Blanche

                      From darkness into light.

                      For students at Msgr. Fraser College, that imagery depicts a migrant’s journey to a new land. And it was the central theme of an indoor art installation students created for Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche all-night festival.
                      • By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register