Book: Practical advice to stop resisting happiness

It smacks us in the face pretty much every day — that sluggish, sinking-in-the-quicksand sensation of knowing what we should be doing, but not doing it.

New film on Armenian genocide took two years to make, longer to realize

WASHINGTON – "The Promise," a film dramatizing the genocide of Armenians in the Turkish-ruled Ottoman Empire at the outset of World War I, was two years in the making, but probably a half-century in the idea stage, according to George Winter, one of the movie's producers.

Sparrows choir takes flight with Easter sacred music

There is something about the language of music that transcends words.

Winners of the 2017 Easter Drawing Contest

For Jaclyn Dela Cruz, to properly depict the Resurrection she had to capture how Jesus might have felt on that first Easter morning.

Spiritual films can make magic with audience, says filmmaker

The magic of spiritual films comes from having an audience “lean” into it, says director and screenwriter Paul Schrader.

Top Vatican and U.S. church officials back new gay-friendly book

The Vatican’s point man on family issues and a U.S. cardinal who is close to Pope Francis have both blurbed a new book by a Jesuit priest and popular author that calls on the Catholic Church to be more respectful and compassionate toward gay people.

Young B.C. teen a musical star on a variety of stages

VANCOUVER – Eighteen thousand hockey fans listened in awe as a little 10-year-old girl with a big voice sang out the Canadian and American national anthems.

Writer finds surprise ending to quest in ‘The Case for Christ’

Atheist turned Christian apologist Lee Strobel took on the case of his life in 1980.

Archbishop Durocher digs deep into world of psalms

OTTAWA – An idea that took root 15 years ago is now a reality for Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher.

Priest’s memoir adopts social justice outlook on issue

Given the Church’s steep decline in the Western world in the past 50 years, one would expect defensiveness from a staunch supporter of what Pope Benedict XVI called the “hermeneutics of rupture” interpretation of Vatican II.

Fr. David Bauer was a man of the cloth, a priest of the rink

This quote from Tom Watt, former NHL and Canadian Olympic hockey coach, left me intrigued: “Fr. Bauer is a great Canadian, but I could never get it straight — sometimes when you thought you were talking about hockey, the priest came out of him and sometimes when you thought you were talking to a priest the hockey came out of him.”