TORONTO - Though we all participate in the global economy by buying things and services, it’s pretty hard to take personal responsibility for globalization — but somebody has to, says the Vatican.

The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace has issued a kind of digest of Pope Benedict XVI’s latest encyclical and aimed it squarely at business leaders. “The Vocation of the Business Leader” is a 30-page booklet aimed at business professionals mentoring young employees and professors in business schools. It extensively quotes and summarize Benedict’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate.

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Christina Leurer has a question that speaks to Catholic business students across the country.

The fourth-year commerce student at the University of British Columbia wonders if faith and business can co-exist and if business can put faith before profit.

“There are a lot of people focused on the bottom line,” said Leurer. “I’m worried I’d have to make a decision I’m opposed to. I certainly believe the business world does compromise faith.”

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