Luke Mandato, The Catholic Register

Luke Mandato, The Catholic Register

Luke Mandato is a general reporter for The Catholic Register.

Few iconic summer traditions unite Toronto kids with excitement as much as the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) does each year. 

A group of students from Toronto's Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School was crowned winners of the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, with their $5,000 award donated to St. Felix Centre in downtown Toronto.

Nathan Phillips Square will be alive with the sound of Christian music June 15.

As support for euthanasia grows across the country, the line between genuine and holistic palliative care and medical assistance in dying has become increasingly blurred nearly inconclusively according to palliative care professionals in Canada.

With Christians being one of the more excluded communities worldwide, Zaia Ventures is working to develop a space that looks to change that for good.

The Ministry of Education’s 2023-24 Capital Priorities Program is helping Ontario’s Catholic school boards alleviate overcrowding in schools and helping offset an expected rise in enrolment.

Registration is soon coming to a close for this year’s International Eucharistic Congress in Quito, Ecuador, an international journey that is promised to be rich in spirituality, discovery and connection. 

Fed up with the growing food insecurity they see each day, chefs are teaming up with young cooking students to tackle the issue in Toronto with “Get Fed Up 2024.”  

Even in his dying days, Fr. Paul Joseph Lennon continued to show his concern for the poor.

A unique ministry known as Momentum has been fostering a faith community of Catholic single women by providing them with opportunities to grow in their relationships with both God and each other. 

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