Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

Smear campaign

Re: Don’t Judge Pius XII yet, expert warns (May 10):

If ever there was a smear campaign, the one against Pope Pius XII is one for the history books. Having studied his pontificate, I am convinced that the campaign against him has done considerable damage against a man who was acclaimed in the late 1940s-early ’50s by so many Jews, including the Jewish State of Israel, as a hero for all he did during the Second World War.

Needs of faithful

Re: Cautious approach to re-open churches (May 10):

I am very surprised that Canada’s bishops are reluctant to press our government to ease restrictions on churches. 

Following five COVID-19 deaths in one horrific week, the Jesuit long-term care facility in Pickering, Ont., is closing temporarily.

Domestic church

I believe the present focus on streaming Masses is the wrong way to go.

A weekend fire suspected to have been deliberately set and an accompanying vandalism spree has caused about $8 million in damage to a Brampton Catholic school.

While restrictions are expected to remain in place for the immediate future, preparations are under way for a time when churches will re-open, Cardinal Thomas Collins wrote in a pastoral letter.

Profound impact

I spent Grade 9 to 12 attending a small Anglican school in Toronto. Probably like many  young people forced to attend church, I graduated with a disdain for organized religion.

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Devil’s virus

One of The Catholic Register’s youth writers suggested another name for the virus beast. But how about Devil’s Virus for one or, even better, Psalm19 for another.

A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Toronto’s St. Joseph’s Health Centre.