Stealing a line from The Beach Boys, Deborah Koko said she spent her vacation before Grade 11 “pickin’ up good vibrations.”

Imparters of knowledge. Nurturers of potential. Exemplars of integrity. Educators are called to live up to these important tasks each day they go to work. But they are also charged with another key imperative: safeguarding the students in their care from harm.

As both a student and an elite athlete, Liesel Munar says prayer is central to her life.

Historically, schools have treated citizenship both poorly and as a separate category. In Ontario high schools, students are required to take a half credit in Civics and Citizenship. In recent years, between 15,000 and 20,000 students are choosing to complete this credit online, many asynchronously and in the summer. Their motivation? To simply get it over with.

One year after the historic papal visit to Canada, positive signs abound.

Parish stood, and stands, at centre of remembering the 47 taken too soon.

The Register's globe-trotting journalist's career ends after 25 years.

A Jesuit at the University of Toronto is helping to map the unknown.

Are we losing our ability to think deeply, purposefully?