{mosimage}MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - The funding formula war between Queen’s Park and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board ended just in time for the school year, and local trustees are claiming victory.

St. Mike’s grad ‘honoured’ by 9/11 memorial


{mosimage}On June 10, 2006, the unveiling of the memorial to the Manhattan firefighters who had given their lives in the Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Centre disaster took place. The New York Times described the memorial as “ bold, literal, almost neo-classical.” One important onlooker was University of St. Michael’s College graduate, Viggo Rambusch, a liturgical artist and restoration specialist whose firm created the memorial.

An election guide for Catholic voters


{mosimage}Editor’s note: On Oct. 10, Ontario voters will return to the polls to choose a provincial government. In the run-up to the election, there will be numerous “election guides” issued by many different interest groups to highlight their particular concerns. While they all have their importance, The Catholic Register is using this opportunity to highlight the 2007 Election Guide issued by Catholic Charities of the archdiocese of Toronto.

Safe injection sites may fall to ideology

{mosimage}An Evangelical Christian scientist, with the support of 134 scientists and public health officials, has challenged the federal government to either continue funding a safe injection site for drug addicts in Vancouver or admit ideology and not science is behind its decision to close down the three-year old InSite safe injection facility .

Faith-based education: living on the wedge

{mosimage}Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell once famously remarked that an election campaign is no place to debate major public policy changes. The electorate judged her harshly, but she was right to point out that the process of fighting elections has a negative effect on the merits of a policy.

Leadership needed

{mosimage} There is a powerful moral imperative for politicians of this generation when it comes to the environment. It is a call for leadership, for a consequential change in the way our society relates to nature — for a society that may not yet want it.

Spirituality connected to the Earth

{mosimage}Ecotheology, a spirituality deeply connected to nature, reverence for the Earth, a strong conviction that the environmental crisis is a religious crisis of faith and morals — none of this should seem exotic, revolutionary or unorthodox to practising Catholics, according to University of St. Michael’s College liturgy professor Chris McConnell. In fact, it should be as familiar as the Mass.

Forest project keeps space green

{mosimage} The resurrection of an old-growth forest is growing one square metre at a time.

The Jesuit Collaborative for Ecology, Agriculture and Forestry started fund-raising for the Old Growth Forest Project in November 2006 and has raised $70,000, half in the $20 for a square metre donation. One anonymous donor sponsored $35,000 worth of square metres.

Spiritual journey includes love of the land

{mosimage}GUELPH, Ont. - In a recent Ignatius Loyola News newsletter, Fr. Jim Profit, S.J., wrote, “After working in the garden all day, I felt tired, stiff and sore, yet completely revived and bore my dirty fingernails with pride. Working with soil is an experience of the soul for me…. There is something about this land that invites the experience of community, life and God.”

Organics good for body and soul

{mosimage}It’s not just about avoiding pesticides any more. In fact, if you choose wisely, the food you eat can help to ensure more than just your own health. According to Community Sharing Agriculture farmer Heather Lekx, choosing to eat organic foods should also help to put your conscience at ease.