{mosimage}TORONTO - The Toronto Catholic District School Board has tentatively approved year-round schooling at two elementary and two secondary schools for the 2009-2010 school year.

Dufferin-Peel educators united in faith

{mosimage}MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - “Today we tell the world that Catholic education is indispensible,” said Ralph Borrelli in his welcoming address to more than 7,800 Dufferin-Peel District Catholic School Board teachers and staff on Nov. 7 in the first board-wide faith formation day in 20 years.

Niagara charts 150 years of Catholic education

{mosimage}NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. - Niagara Catholic School Board, celebrating a “rich history,” acknowledged its roots and symbolically steered a course for years ahead with a gala anniversary dinner Oct. 24 in Niagara Falls.

The seduction of sexualized commerce

{mosimage}Sex sells. That seems obvious enough to anyone who owns a television. But cultural critic Paul Rutherford has looked behind this most obvious truth about advertising to figure out how and why we have been sold so much stuff using so much sex.

Catholic Education - What Now?


Editor's note: After a bruising provincial election campaign that revealed deep dislike among Ontario voters for any form of government-funded religious schools, Catholic education supporters have a right to be nervous. Their own system came under attack and will now be under an unfriendly microscope. In these stories, we explore some of the issues and possible solutions.

How the provinces stack up

Public funding for Catholic schools varies from province to province. Some are fully funded — Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories — while Manitoba and British Columbia receive 50-per-cent funding.

The rest of the provinces, Quebec, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nunavut, receive no funding for Catholic schools.

Catholic schools’ future may rest in private schools

{mosimage}TORONTO - In a province where the government offers full funding for Catholic schools, there still exists a niche for self-funded private Catholic education, say supporters of independent schools.

Could Catholics run Jewish schools?

TORONTO - The future of Catholic education in Ontario may be bound up with the Khalsa Community School for Sikh children in Malton, or Bialik Hebrew Day School in Toronto. Key figures in Catholic education are thinking about winning the debate over faith-based education by opening a non-Catholic religious school.

Catholics need to step up for education rights

{mosimage}TORONTO - The Ontario election is over, but not the hard feelings and not the debate.

Catholics are under new pressure to justify public funding for their schools following three months of faith-and-education debate leading into the election earlier this month that saw Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals win with a solid majority.

Catholic Schools in Canada


A timeline of changes to Catholic education throughout Canada's history.

Speaking out against the HPV vaccine

HPV.jpgWhen the news broke early in 2007 that a new vaccine (Gardasil) was available that would protect young girls from the effects of the human papillomavirus (HPV), the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute issued a press report outlining our objections to the way in which this vaccine was being promoted. In the United States, some states had urged mandatory vaccination for girls from Grade 6 onwards. The main reason given was that HPV has been shown to be one of the causes of cervical cancer in women.