TORONTO - The 416 and 905 area codes rounded off 2006 by continuing on separate paths over the financing of Catholic  education.

New source for stem cells would sidestep moral issues for Catholics

OTTAWA - The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute welcomed news that a source of stem cells has been found in amniotic fluid that bypasses the ethical problems of using embryonic stem cells.

Church needs to show its caring side

Fr. DrouinOTTAWA - Fr. André Drouin rushes from his Ottawa office and returns with a woven white and black rug. He holds up a side where black dominates the weave; when he turns it over, white dominates. He explains that just like the rug, the church is one, but it has two different faces: a celebratory face reflecting the love towards God, and a face of service to others, reflecting love of our neighbours.

More budget woes forecast for school boards

TORONTO - The Catholic school board in the rich and growing suburbs squeezed in between Toronto and Hamilton is worried.

Union officials take over at College of Teachers'

OCTTORONTO - One of the most hated of the Mike Harris Conservative's education reforms in the eyes of teachers' unions is now in the hands of one of the unions' very own.

The Human Person, the Heart of Peace


Editor's note: The following is excerpted from the message of Pope Benedict XVI issued for the World Day of Peace, Jan. 1. The statement is called The Human Person, the Heart of Peace.

1. At the beginning of the new year, I wish to extend prayerful good wishes for peace to governments, leaders of nations and all men and women of good will. In a special way, I invoke peace upon all those experiencing pain and suffering, those living under the threat of violence and armed aggression, and those who await their human and social emancipation, having had their dignity trampled upon. I invoke peace upon children, who by their innocence enrich humanity with goodness and hope, and by their sufferings compel us all to work for justice and peace. Out of concern for children, especially those whose future is compromised by exploitation and the malice of unscrupulous adults, I wish on this World Day of Peace to encourage everyone to reflect on the theme: The Human Person, the Heart of Peace. . . .

'White Christmas' and the Wonderboy


When most people think of the song "White Christmas" they think of Bing Crosby or the 1942 musical Holiday Inn. I think of a cold night in 1976 when I was walking in the snow with my good friend Frank. As we walked we tried to remember the lyrics of various Christmas songs. The one song where we both knew more than a few words was "White Christmas." I remember filling the streets with our not so melodious sounds and lots of laughter.

School boards choose leaders


TORONTO - Trustees from the five Catholic school boards within the Toronto archdiocese have elected their chairs and vice-chairs for the 2006-2007 school year.

Trustees play for time with province


TORONTO - Despite a provincial report which recommends ways for the Toronto Catholic District School Board to erase $34.9 million in red ink, trustees are hoping to dodge cuts by playing for time until the spring provincial budget.

Parents show interest in private girls' school

TORONTO - One hundred curious alumni and parents of St. Michael's College School gathered for an information meeting Nov. 26 at the school to discuss plans to open an all girls' private Catholic school.

Somerville Lecture - Bridging the Gap: Overcoming our Differences


Winnipeg Archbishop James WeisgerberEditor's note: The following is the text of the sixth annual Henry Somerville Lecture in Christianity and Communications. Titled "Bridging the Gap: Overcoming our Differences," it was presented by Archbishop James Weisgerber of Winnipeg on Nov. 30 at the Newman Centre in Toronto and on Dec. 1 at St. Jerome's University in Waterloo.

I am happy to take this opportunity tonight to address you not as a professional theologian, but as the pastor of a diocesan church. I would like to share with you the vision that guides me in my responsibilities as pastor of a particular church and as a member of the College of Bishops, which, together with the Pope, guides the universal church.