A private member’s bill that would decriminalize the purchase of sperm, eggs and rent-a-womb surrogacy would open the door to exploitation of poor women and legalize a form of child trafficking, according to a member of the 1990s Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies.

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OTTAWA – A court ruling that has upheld the rights of religious freedom and expression in the so-called Easter Bunny case seems to support those who will to take the federal government to court over the controversial Canada Summer Jobs application, said lawyer John Carpay.
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Something’s topsy-turvy when a Canadian Christian couple must go to court to clear their names because they refused to lie on the State’s orders.

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It is a frightening world when those with power assume they can dictate to those without how they must think and what they must say.
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EDMONTON – A safe-haven program called Angel Cradle, operated by Covenant Health, may have saved a newborn baby's life.
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A Christian couple in Edmonton has filed a lawsuit against Alberta Child and Family Services claiming the agency denied their application to adopt due to their religious beliefs about marriage and sexuality. 
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Thousands of people joined the Life Chain peaceful protest against abortion on Oct. 1 at more than 200 street corners across Canada.
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WASHINGTON – Charles Mully has had an incredible life story. And he's not finished yet.

The Kenyan-born Mully, 68, was abandoned by his family when he was 6 years old. For a decade, he scratched out a living for himself. At age 16, he encountered Christ in a personal way and later became a successful businessman, but he ditched it all to establish the Mully Children's Family, a home to shelter kids who had been abandoned like he once had been.

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In the May 21 issue of The Catholic Register Peter Stockland wrote a sincere Comment piece about the need for renewal within organizations. I agree with him on this point.

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Dominique Sousa has been pro-life since birth.

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CALCUTTA, India – Seventeen-month-old Anirban Mukherjee playfully touches his mother's face with his fingers at Shishu Bhavan, the Missionaries of Charity children's home.

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ROME - Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Rome's Circus Maximus to protest against a proposed bill that would grant legal recognition to nonmarried heterosexual and homosexual couples and give them the right to adopt children.

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CALCUTTA, India - The Missionaries of Charity will close their adoption centres in India, citing new regulations that would allow non-traditional families to adopt children, reported ucanews.com.
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