Brian Dryden, Canadian Catholic News

Brian Dryden, Canadian Catholic News

OTTAWA -- Ontario's government used the newly declared National Human Trafficking Awareness Day Feb. 22 to unveil major new funding and legislation as part of the province’s anti-human trafficking strategy, as governments in Canada continue to take action against what Pope Francis has called “a crime against humanity.”

OTTAWA -- MPs voted overwhelmingly to condemn the Chinese government for engaging in genocide against religious minorities in that country.

OTTAWA -- A new organization focused on supporting families within the Catholic Church in Canada is now up and running.

OTTAWA -- Archbishop Peter Hundt says “sacrifices” will have to be made, but the Archdiocese of St. John’s has to move forward with compassion and understanding after a “dark chapter” of abuse in the Newfoundland archdiocese’s history.

OTTAWA -- Canadian religious organizations are concerned that a proposed bill to ban conversion therapy for youth in Canada could expose religious views on human sexuality to criminal sanction.

OTTAWA -- Canada’s Senate will give its verdict on the federal government’s effort to make it easier for Canadians to legally commit suicide with the help of a doctor by the end of the day Feb. 17.

OTTAWA -- A “cheap shot” tweet directed at Catholics by a Liberal MP has been slammed as “anti-Catholic” by Conservative Garnett Genuis and the Catholic Civil Rights League.

OTTAWA -- The number of people legally put to death in Canada’s largest province continues to go up year after year, new statistics from the Office of Ontario’s Chief Coroner indicate.

OTTAWA -- In a small parish on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, the new year is starting like 2020 ended — with a close eye on the weather forecast.

OTTAWA -- Canada’s Catholic bishops say it is “not too late to reconsider” and stop the expansion of medically-assisted suicide in Canada.