Churches again demand Canada join nuclear treaty

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

The Canadian Council of Churches has again called on Canada to sign and ratify the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as the treaty became officially part of international law on Jan. 22.

As resources shrink, Quebec Archdiocese reorganizes parishes for outreach


QUEBEC CITY -- The Archdiocese of Quebec announced its intention to reorganize its parishes to focus on local missionary activities. This move comes as human and material resources continue to diminish.

Mary Wagner and a mother’s influence

By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

Jane Wagner remembers the raw emotion she experienced when her daughter Mary Wagner was first arrested in Vancouver in 1999 for her crusades on behalf of the unborn.

Raising a glass to St. Joseph

By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

Pope Francis announced the “Year of St. Joseph” on Dec. 8 to inspire believers of Christ across the globe to venerate the man who “accepted Mary unconditionally,” taught the value of “participating in the work of salvation” and was a tender earthly father to Jesus.

Family, faith help athlete’s hockey journey

By Wendy-Ann Clarke, The Catholic Register

Eric Ciccolini seems adjusted to the reality of life as a student athlete in the midst of a pandemic.

Tam asks for church aid in bringing end to pandemic

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

The end of our long COVID crisis may be in sight, but until we get there churches and faith leaders still have a job to do, Canada’s chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam told over 1,300 faith leaders on a Jan. 20, nationwide Zoom call.

Liberal MP slammed for ‘anti-Catholic’ tweet

By Brian Dryden, Canadian Catholic News

OTTAWA -- A “cheap shot” tweet directed at Catholics by a Liberal MP has been slammed as “anti-Catholic” by Conservative Garnett Genuis and the Catholic Civil Rights League.

Justice Weiler makes law work for kids

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Over the course of six decades, Justice Karen Weiler has wielded the law in the service of kids. Semi-retired, honoured throughout Canada’s legal community and now with the Order of Ontario in her back pocket, she’s still doing it.

Fr. McCaffery officiated Gretzky wedding


EDMONTON -- Pastor. Mentor. Teacher. Community Leader. Friend.

Windsor scholar studies rise in local anti-Semitism

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Persistent prejudice is inspiring one Catholic scholar to respond with persistent and faithful research.

Catholic student reporter says he was fired for beliefs

By Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

A student journalist at Toronto’s Ryerson University is claiming damages from the school’s volunteer student newspaper, saying he was kicked off the paper’s roster of writers for his Catholic beliefs.