VATICAN – The end of one year and beginning of next naturally leads people to think about the passing of time and about love, which gives time -- and everything else -- real meaning, Pope Francis said.
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Coming from a public elementary school, Kayla Mia Adato was unsure what to expect when she attended the Young Disciples day retreat with 120 fellow students. 

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Driving with a young friend, I was not surprised that she had the car window completely down and her face turned towards the breeze on one of these finally-gentle days of spring.  I enjoyed her enjoyment of the sweet fresh air sweeping in. 

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DETROIT - When Fr. Benjamin Kosnac decided to start offering confessions 30 minutes before every Mass, he wasn't sure anyone would come. 

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A year ago, my friend invited me to an all-night adoration event and I asked, “What’s that?” I had never heard of eucharistic adoration before.

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It’s summertime and the living is easy. Regular schedules are abandoned as day trips, vacations and relaxation provide respite from the everyday humdrum. In our churches, the pews that appeared to be sparsely occupied in fall, winter and spring seem to be even more vacated in the summer heat. Open the doors and where’s the people, we might ask.

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They came by the thousands. Young and old, men and women, Francophone and English, the able-bodied and the infirm, they came despite the driving, biting snow and blustery wind to a church in Montreal in mid-December to bid farewell to hockey legend Jean Beliveau.

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September 12, 2014

Gamers flock to God

TORONTO - Tuesday nights at the Newman Centre are a time to pray and play.

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When Steubenville youth conferences were fairly new to Washington, musician Ike Ndolo was leading worship during Saturday night adoration. Adoration on the second of this three-night Catholic conference for teens is usually a high point of the weekend. But on one particular Saturday night, Ndolo and the band had stopped playing — but the crowd just kept on singing.

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