OTTAWA – The Justice Committee quickly approved transgender Bill C-16 and passed it back to the House of Commons Nov. 2 with no hearings or public consultation.

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October 27, 2016

Gender reality check

Several years ago, a man showed up at a magazine company where I worked demanding to be paid “his” million dollars.

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The Indian branch of the Catholic social welfare organization, Caritas, has announced plans to fight discrimination and recruit transgender people — a striking step for an official church organization.

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ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM AZERBAIJAN – Catholics who are homosexual, confused about their sexuality or convinced they were born in the wrong body deserve the same attentive pastoral care as anyone else, Pope Francis said.

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WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Texas has sided with school districts opposing the Obama administration’s directive on transgender bathrooms, temporarily blocking the directive just before on the first day of school in Texas Monday.

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WASHINGTON – The Obama administration's May 13 directive on transgender access to bathrooms "that treats 'a student's gender identity as the student's sex' is deeply disturbing," said the chairmen of two U.S. Catholic bishops' committees.

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VATICAN CITY - The Vatican's doctrinal congregation upheld a Spanish bishop's refusal to allow a transsexual person to be a godparent.

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VATICAN CITY - The Vatican has rejected a request by a transgender man in Spain to become a godparent, ruling that his sexual identity means he is incapable of carrying out the task.

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NEW YORK - Amid the national buzz over transgender celebrity Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner, a leading culture warrior in the Catholic hierarchy on June 3 denounced the spread of “gender ideology” and warned that it threatens the very foundation of the Church’s faith.

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