Sheila Dabu Nonato, The Catholic Register

Sheila Dabu Nonato, The Catholic Register

Sheila was a reporter for The Catholic Register from 2008-2011.

A graduate of the University of Toronto's international relations program (M.A.) and Carleton University's School of Journalism (M.J.),  she has worked at The Canadian Press, CBC Ottawa, The Toronto Star, The Jordan Times and IRIN Middle East.

{mosimage}TORONTO - The Wall Street crisis is a story of how the privileged few took advantage of the middle class and the poor, and how the U.S. government failed its citizens, said anti-globalization activist Naomi Klein on the day the Bush administration’s $700-billion bailout plan failed to pass in Congress.

The U.S. House of Representatives could not agree on the plan, resulting in the bill’s failure on Sept. 29.

TORONTO - Just two days after being released from a prison in Milton, Ont., at the end of September, longtime pro-life activist Linda Gibbons was ready to return to jail.

And she did, a week later, on Oct. 8. She was to appear before a judge in October.

CaritasTORONTO - More than $233,000 was raised by the Caritas Project’s 16th annual telethon on April 25.

Although the goal of $250,000 was not attained, Caritas’ associate executive director Ramin Deravian said Caritas hopes to hits its target as it is still accepting donations until the end of April.

The telethon was broadcast on CHIN TV and the Telelatino Network. It kicked off with a pre-taped message from Toronto’s Archbishop Thomas Collins. The broadcast also featured words of support from Peterborough Bishop Nicola de Angelis.
{mosimage}TORONTO - Eighteen Toronto churches and synagogues are now open for meals and temporary shelter as part of the annual Out of the Cold program.

At St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on McCaul Street in downtown Toronto, Fr. Jon Hansen said there were 180 guests for dinner and 70 overnight guests, primarily men, on its first day, Nov. 23. The Out of the Cold program at the parish runs on Sundays from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. until April 5.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Don’t forget what Christmas is really about: the birth of Jesus.

That’s the message a Polish Catholic group in Mississauga hopes will resonate during the holidays.
{mosimage}TORONTO - It’s been three years since Lynne Fisher moved out of a shelter and into her own apartment.

The 49-year-old marital abuse survivor was on the brink of homelessness and credits the Independent Living Account program for helping her regain her independence.

The Social and Enterprise Development Innovations , or SEDI, started the $146,000 financial literacy program in 2005. It currently teaches shelter residents how to save money, pay bills and prepare to move out on their own. The program also offers a matched saving incentive of $3 for every $1 deposited into a savings account with TD Bank Financial Group. TD and the National Club of Toronto are donating the matched funds for the 61 residents in the program, each of whom can save a maximum of $400 and have those savings matched up to $1,200.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Some call it a place of miracles. For Ukrainian Catholic priest Fr. Basil Cembalista, OSBM, the Marian Monument of Gratitude is also a place of prayer and thanksgiving.

Little known outside its circle of devoted visitors, the Marian shrine which Cembalista built has steadily drawn crowds and interest from many Roman Catholic groups.

January 7, 2009

All humans are worthy

{mosimage}TORONTO - Living in apartheid South Africa, Sr. Ursula Mdadane says she grew up with a negative self-image.

But seeing herself through the eyes of faith and an adult development program called PRH — translated from French as personality and human relations — helped her discover her worth as a person.

{mosimage}TORONTO - It’s been 30 years since Courage co-founder Fr. John Harvey, OSFS, began his work counselling priests and lay people with same-sex attractions.

But Harvey, now 90, says it’s still a challenge to get some priests to support his program which promotes chastity and discourages a homosexual lifestyle.

{mosimage}TORONTO - An Ontario court judge has dismissed an obstruction charge against long-time pro-life activist Linda Gibbons.

Gibbons, 60, had been held in custody at the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ont., since Oct. 8 when she was arrested for picketing outside the Scott abortion clinic in downtown Toronto. She was released from prison on Jan. 12. Her original charge had been for obstructing a peace officer.