Estate Planning

You can’t be prepared for every hurdle in life. But for those things you can anticipate, why not have all your ducks in a row by planning ahead?

Church repaid for a life well lived

Things certainly could have turned out differently for Brendan Clarke had he not been raised in a family well-grounded in the Catholic faith.

Sacred renewal for St. Michael's chapels


The restored, glorious, award-winning sanctuary of St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica distracts a little from the unfin-ished business underneath and tucked in back. Though the construction scaffold-ing is gone and the earth movers are no longer parked outside, there’s still work to do on Toronto’s Catholic cathedral, said St. Michael’s Rector Fr. Michael Busch.

Assisted suicide raises difficult questions

Dying is no fun and it never was. But adding doctor-assisted suicide into the mix only seems to have made things more complicated.

Coin donation sets off treasure hunt with surprise ending

“Come down right now and I’ll give you $1,500 an ounce for the gold. Pick up your cash!” said the gold dealer over the phone in an unusually direct manner. His voice reminded me of Danny DeVito from the 1970’s hit TV sitcom, Taxi.

Car donation a 'Godsend', gives mobility to youth missionaries

Fr. Frank Portelli can attest that God works in mysterious ways. In his case, in the form of a 2007 Ford Focus.

Planning to protect disabled loved ones


Planning for the orderly distribution of estate assets can be daunting at the best of times. Estate planning to provide for loved ones with a serious disability can present special challenges.

Ministry ensures no one has to grieve alone


Coping with the loss of a loved one can be an isolating experience — but it’s not a road you have to walk alone, thanks to the support of bereavement ministries.

Golden years are still a time for growth


People over 50 are certainly into the second half of life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to grow.

What happens if I do not have a Will?


There are plenty of reasons for having a Will, especially when it comes to the role it plays in dealing with children and their future.

Plan wisely to minimize taxes


An estate plan should evolve and change as people age and family circumstances change. One goal should be to minimize and defer the tax on your death until the time your heirs sell the assets. Strategies can also be implemented during a person’s lifetime to minimize taxes.


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Charles Lewis: The papal office deserves a defence 

"I believed that criticism of the papacy was a sport for non-Catholics or perhaps disgruntled Catholics who were always at odds with Church teachings. Then a few things happened," Charles Lewis writes.


Pope's homily

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Read the latest homily given by Pope Francis.