Estate Planning

Before the death of Fr. Peter Rosettis in 2003, he drafted an estate plan to ensure three things happened after his funeral.

An odd encounter: shotguns, silver bars, a priest and a guy named Phil


The old man’s white beard shook as his quivering lips whispered, “The entire world financial system is about to collapse. An armoured car will arrive in 15 minutes to deliver me a truckload of silver bars worth about a quarter million dollars. If you come with me now, half of them are for you.”

Power of attorney is for everyone


Get a lawyer. Get a will. Get a power of attorney — in fact, get two. These aren’t tricky or exclusive legal arrangements for rich people. Ordinary, average Canadians need these documents.

Bequests a good way to thank parish that shaped you


A Catholic parish is not unlike your household: there are bills to pay and only so many dollars available to keep operations running smoothly.

What the future holds for charitable giving


A sampling of philanthropists in Canada shows that people who are active in their religion are more generous. It’s unlikely most people would disagree with such a finding.

A gift in-kind is often better than cash, Toronto's St. Ambrose parish finds out


TORONTO – Cash may be king, but to a parish in need, a donation in kind is just as majestic.

‘Great surprise’ funds much-needed renovations in convent chapel


Inside the sealed envelope, the instructions from the mystery donor were clear.

You and charity benefit from a gift annuity


Given the current climate of low-interest rates and roller-coaster markets causing people to think twice about their financial decisions, many people may wish to consider the benefits of a charitable gift annuity.

Know when to revise your Will


How often should a Will be reviewed for changes? In general, every five years, but life changes will necessitate a more frequent review. A person should review a Will to ensure that the terms are still suitable.

A bequeath to your parish is a difference maker


TORONTO - Fr. Damian Young-Sam-You has big plans for St. Monica’s Church and with generous donations from members of his congregation who have passed on, the parish is that much closer to reaching those goals.

Be tax smart in your estate planning


To make things as easy as possible for your family after your death, it’s necessary to understand the effect on your estate of probate fees and income taxes.


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Bob Brehl: The redemption of Tiger amidst #MeToo

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Pope's homily

pope mass homily

Imitate God by being merciful to others, Pope says 

Read the latest homily given by Pope Francis. 



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