Estate Planning

When Fr. Bill Burns retired last June, he didn’t fear a life of poverty due to promises he made in 1965 to become a priest.

Rare works of renowned artist make their way to archdiocese


Anyone who has held a Canadian quarter in their hands has encountered Dora de Pédery-Hunt’s work. She was the first Canadian citizen to design an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II which has been used on Canadian coinage since 1990.

How to make an estate gift to your church


An estate gift to your parish or favourite archdiocesan charity can be a way to say thank you to God for all the blessings He has given you. Some of the most common gifts are as follows.

Support those who have lost a loved one


Someone dies. What do we say when we meet their relative, their friend, their family? Too painful, right?

Planning ahead is a great gift for our loved ones


Throughout our lives we do all that we can to place our loved ones first. As Catholic Christians we look to the example of Our Lord and the saints who sought to serve rather than be served. Our choices and decisions are based on what is most beneficial for them.

Keep the legacy alive


TORONTO - A decade after his death, family man Esteban “Ben” Pingol’s legacy lives on through the Legacy Society of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Legacy endowment lets you give support in life and death


TORONTO - Fr. Rudolf Philip Volk served his family as a parent, his community as a priest and, in his death, the Church as a financial supporter for those in need.

Gifts from the heart


As the warring sisters prepared for their final battle, both failed to recognize that their parent’s estate was the wrong place to wage their final fight.

Don’t be averse to planning for your future


You’ve likely heard of Canadians dying without a Will. Many of us, when faced with planning for our eventual death, would prefer to put the thinking off as long as possible. We end up passing away without any definite plans for our estate on paper.

Staying engaged will ensure a longer and healthier life


A long and healthy life is possible for seniors if you make the right lifestyle choices, according to doctors who work with seniors.

Make plans for when you can’t take care of yourself


As people age, their needs change and often they have a harder time taking care of themselves. This makes it important to plan for when you are no longer able to care for yourself.



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