Estate Planning

Death used to be a simple fact of life. As of the Supreme Court decision on assisted suicide last February, it is becoming a legal process.

There is a more efficient way to give back to your Church


If it’s the thought that counts, think before you give. A little strategy can go a long way.

New endowment aids in resettling refugees


TORONTO - Money doesn’t make the world go ’round. If the world is on the move it’s because of war, famine, oppression — all the things that go into a global population of 13 million refugees.

Shepherds’ Trust gives freedom and dignity


Msgr. Sam Bianco — born as the Great Depression ended and his father went off to war, raised in the postwar boom, ordained in that first decade after the Second Vatican Council — had a 45-year career in ministry. 

A funeral director eases your mind in a troubled time


TORONTO - It is the morning after a loved one has suddenly passed away and you are all alone. There is so much rushing through your mind, not least of which is giving your loved one the proper send off from this world. Who do you turn to for help? A funeral director of course. 

Bahamas dream disappointing to the extreme


The voice over the phone said, “Our parish has been bequeathed some land in the Bahamas! What’s the next step?” 

Securities gift makes roof a reality at Newman Centre


Fr. Chris Cauchi is raising funds to raise an 88-year-old church roof, and thanks to a major donation the heavy lifting has become easier. 

Annuities: a gift that keeps giving


A charitable gift annuity is a gift that keeps on giving. For the life of the annuity it can generate a steady income stream for retirees and provide regular donations to charities. 

With cremation, we must maintain dignity


Years ago, cremation was forbidden for Catholics because those who popularized the practice did it as a way of denying the resurrection of Christ, life after death and the resurrection of the body at the end of time. Their thought was to destroy the body so that God could not resurrect it. 

Leaving something for the Church that has meant so much


With the Catholic Church playing a huge role in Fr. John Newton’s life, it seemed natural to him to remember the Archdiocese of Toronto in a significant way in his will. 

Save taxes through the gift of securities in your will


When it comes to giving to the Church, the adage that cash is king is not necessarily true. 



Church on the Street: Driving lessons from Natalie 

It was one of those nights when I was challenged by Pope Francis’ insightful observation in The Joy of the Gospel, Robert Kinghorn writes.


Pope's homily

pope wyd crowb

Pope: 'You, dear young people, are not the future but the now of God'

Read the latest homily given by Pope Francis. 


panama pilgrims mary

Jean Ko Din in Panama: WYD leaves behind a wealth of memories 

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