Estate Planning

One of the most challenging issues in estate planning is how to handle the disposition of a vacation property. The challenge is how to dispose of such property either during life or at death. For those with a small family or perhaps a single child, the decision is not challenging. For those with multiple children, the decision on whether to retain family vacation properties or share them among members of the family can be difficult. 

The top five no-nos of estate planning


A comprehensive estate plan provides for the transfer of assets to designated heirs after a person’s death as well as makes provisions for management of a person’s affairs in the event they are incapable of doing so themselves while still alive. An estate plan ensures your wishes are carried out. But it must be created properly. Below Amanda J. Stacey, a partner in the Private Client Services and Charity and Not-for- Profit groups at Miller Thomson LLP., reviews some of the most common estate planning mistakes and pitfalls. 

One priest’s vision will benefit his brethren for years to come


In life, Fr. Edwin Platt exhibited a great love for the priesthood and for the well-being of his fellow priests. In death, that love will endure due to a gift Fr. Platt left for the benefit of his priestly brethren. 

Church support should be forever — and beyond


Peter Mohanty believes the obligation of Catholics to support the Church is lifelong — and beyond. We should be generous during our life and remember the Church at death. For Mohanty, that has meant including ShareLife in his will. 

Don’t keep the secret stash too secret


Many people are so worried that thieves will break into their homes that they hide their valuables. And sometimes they neglect to let anyone know where things are. 

Plan beyond the wedding


If you’re tying the knot, it’s time to draft an estate plan.

Choose a power of attorney wisely


Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely and powers of attorney… well, not so fast. 

Understanding probate


Anyone in Ontario engaged in estate planning or administration should consider the necessity of “probate.” This requires a clear understanding of what probate actually is and entails, its advantages and disadvantages, to help guide whether probate should be sought — or avoided.

Charitable bequests


A charitable bequest is, in its simplest form, a gift made to a charity after the death of an individual from their estate.

Spiritual power of attorney


Chances are we have all heard of a Power of Attorney for Personal Care. It is typically drawn up for us by our lawyer, normally when we do our Will.

Plan now for your eternal resting place


Every five years between five million and six million Canadians move. Stability, a job for life, roots are not the hallmarks of our age. But it’s still a good idea to buy a plot of ground or a crypt in a mausoleum in anticipation of your final resting place.


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