Bishop Douglas Crosby has some travel advice for newly-ordained priests: Go north, young man.

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OTTAWA - Six northern Canadian dioceses face immense financial, social and personnel challenges that could become more pronounced due to a looming change in status from missionary to normal dioceses, according to their bishops.

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The world’s newest nation is in big trouble.

Following more than 20 years of civil war between north and south Sudan, the independent nation of the Republic of South Sudan was born in 2011.

But the birth of the new nation didn't come without pain. The many years of war brought not only much death, but also drained South Sudan of valuable resources, leaving it extremely poor.

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You may not remember your first cherry, but Kedra and Destiny Kimiksana will always remember theirs. The young sisters got to try a cherry thanks to Sr. Faye Trombley, the missionary who runs Our Lady of Grace parish in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. At 69 degrees north and 133 degrees west, on a little reach of land that extends into the Beaufort Sea, cherries are hard to come by and expensive.

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