When relativism is the widely accepted doctrine on university campuses, backed by the feel-good motto of “you do you,” it’s easy to imagine how young Catholics might be swept away by the notion that there is no objective truth. 

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EDMONTON – Levi Breederland and his wife Kaitlyn feel a strong sense of relief as they approach Easter — after months of preparation they will finally be received into the Catholic Church.
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I’ve been fortunate to take part in several RCIA programs — the first time when I was preparing to enter the Church and subsequently when helping a friend who ran a parish program for potential converts.
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HAMILTON, Ont. - The practice of Christian Baptism at Easter, preceded by several weeks of instruction, prayer and other rites, dates as far back as the fourth century. In early times, candidates for the Catholic Church, known as catechumens, recited a creed on Holy Saturday to signify the completion of their studies and then, at dawn on Easter morning, were immersed in a font and baptized.

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MARKHAM, Ont. - As they prepared for their baptism at Easter, adult catechumens at Chinese Martyrs parish got a taste of the Old Testament by participating in the Jewish ritual of the Passover Seder.

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At a concert put on by friends, a song brought me back to another time and place, as only songs can do: "This land is parching, this land is burning. O healing river, send down your waters."

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