TORONTO - Budgeting blunders that left an unexpected deficit, coupled with a potential two-per-cent cut in provincial grants, could leave the Toronto Catholic District School Board with more than 300 fewer frontline educators in September.

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TORONTO - An accounting error in the previous budget means that the Toronto Catholic District School Board is expected to end this school year with a $16.9-million deficit.

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VATICAN CITY - New rules governing the guidance, oversight and control of Vatican financial and administrative activities include the power to levy sanctions and take "civil or criminal action" in cases of "damage to assets," as well as providing protection for whistleblowers raising red flags about "anomalous activity."

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TORONTO - A balanced budget for the Toronto Catholic District School Board has made increased class sizes a reality, and that leaves some educators worried about the success of students, specifically those who struggle. 

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The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board will be downsizing over the next year despite projecting a $1.1-million surplus in the 2014-2015 budget.

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CBC budget cuts in April that will cost more than 600 employees their jobs left the weekly Mass in French relatively unscathed.

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From Catholics to Zoroastrians, faith leaders gathered at Queen’s Park to pray for prosperity and welcome the compromise Ontario budget passed April 24.

The budget, which raised taxes on those earning $500,000 or more by two per cent, spared some day care centres from cuts and added one per cent to basic welfare rates was welcomed by Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition president Rev. Susan Eagle.

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