Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

TORONTO — The sodalities of Our Lady which Jesuits earnestly planted in parishes and Catholic schools all around the world never died. The sodalities had dominated 19th- and early 20th-century Catholic piety. They re-emerged in 1953 as the Christian Life Community, or CLC.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Family and friends packed St. Michael’s Cathedral May 2 to support their loved ones who have been recently baptized and/or confirmed with the Catholic faith.

TORONTO - L’Arche Toronto is holding a reflection series based on the writings of the late Henri Nouwen. Seeds of Hope will be held at The Gathering Place on May 26. The reflection series is based on the former L’Arche Daybreak pastor Nouwen’s writings. The topic  is “Human Vulnerability and Spiritual Growth.”
April 30, 2007

Same job, new name

TORONTO - Pastoral care in Ontario’s Catholic high schools is now on the right side of canon law. School  chaplains are now called Co-ordinators of School Chaplaincy Services. The Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops came up with the new name after consulting with the Catholic School Chaplains of Ontario.  Canon 564 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law defines a chaplain as a priest. Since almost no school chaplains in Ontario are ordained, the bishops wanted a new title for the job prior to issuing a statement concerning pastoral care in the schools later this year.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Elizabeth Diachun wanted to rest assured that her husband Jerry, who has Alzheimer’s, wasn’t going to wander off and hurt himself so she called on a respite worker from Saint Elizabeth Health Care.

{mosimage}TORONTO — Of course Jesuits need money, and they will be happy to accept yours. But the second annual Jesuit Provincial’s Dinner will be about much more than money.

{mosimage}TORONTO - A pro-life advocate, Alex Schadenberg, has warned that one of the Catholic faith’s foremost goals, to preserve life, is under threat from the political and medical fronts in Canada.

TORONTO - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church just got a $1-million facelift. In just under one year art restorer Carlos Nunes and his team has restored the downtown Toronto parish to look as it did in 1908, except for a few new additions reflecting the culture of its Chinese congregation.    
{mosimage}TORONTO - Heritage Toronto presented the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto with a French and English plaque commemorating 150 years since founding the former House of Providence, now Providence Healthcare.

{mosimage}TORONTO - In his debut Cardinal’s Dinner speech, Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins called on Catholics to “follow in the footsteps of St. Paul” to discover how to be witnesses of the Gospel in contemporary society.