Recent events have been dark and disturbing. First we saw U.S. President Donald Trump put a “temporary” travel and immigration ban on seven mostly Muslim countries. Then there was the tragedy in Quebec City where six men were killed and several wounded while praying.

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On Sunday, Jan. 29, just as I was getting ready to leave church after an evening Mass, a gunman opened fire on a mosque in Quebec City, killing six people and injuring many more shortly after the end of their evening prayers.

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OTTAWA – Conservative MP Garnett Genuis has written to the CBC Ombudsman to register a complaint regarding a column and tweets that blame mass murders in Canada on white Christian men.

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TORONTO – Bullet holes and blood splatter still marked the walls. Carpets were stained. Even shoes and boots, removed before prayers and lined up, stood abandoned.

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My first thought, upon hearing the news of the massacre at the mosque in Ste. Foy, was that there must be a special place in hell for those who kill men at prayer, all the moreso in a house of worship.

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QUEBEC CITY – People of many faiths gathered for a solidarity Mass at Notre-Dame-de-Foy church, next to the mosque belonging to the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, where six men were killed by a gunman while they were praying.

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OTTAWA –Catholic leaders have expressed condolences and solidarity in prayer with Canadian Muslims after a shooting at a Quebec City mosque Jan. 29 that killed six and injured many more.

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