Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo, The Catholic Register

Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo, The Catholic Register

Vanessa is a communications coordinator in the Office of Public Relations and Communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto and former reporter and youth editor for The Catholic Register. 

You can follow her on twitter @V_Santilli.

TORONTO - Pamila Jesuthasan knows teaching is her vocation. Because of this, she took a leap of faith by moving more than 2,000 kilometres away from the comforts of her Toronto home to the isolated village of Ivujivik, Que.

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. - Newlyweds Raynold and Vanessa D’Sa travelled to Rome for their honeymoon with hopes of receiving a group blessing from Pope Francis. But their dreams more than came true when the pontiff blessed them both individually, taking their hands in his as they knelt before him.

TORONTO - In Toronto, it’s easy to find classes for first-time parents aimed at raising happy and healthy children.

MONTREAL - The relationship between the Church and the media will always be one of tension — something the Church must accept, Gatineau Archbishop Paul-André Durocher told a conference on the New Evangelization and Catholic Communications.

TORONTO - At Catholic Family Services of Durham, clients often tell staff they feel helped, understood and safe, said executive director Elizabeth Pierce.

TORONTO - St. Mary Euphrasia, the founder of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, once said: “Lift them up in their own eyes.”

TORONTO - When Delia Avarell’s two children were growing up, she sent both to a sign-language summer camp operated by Silent Voice Canada. As a deaf parent of hearing children, she wanted them to be immersed in an environment where they could interact with children with a similar family dynamic.

TORONTO - Last year, volunteers at the Society of Sharing donated 20,000 hours of their time to ensure isolated and marginalized seniors and adults with disabilities felt a little less alone.

TORONTO - If the Ontario Liberal government falls over its provincial budget, Education Minister Liz Sandals "will be back on the street knocking on doors and defending the Catholic education system again," she told an audience of about 200 Catholic school trustees.

TORONTO - For Joshua Roldan, true peace is only found in the Lord.