Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo, The Catholic Register

Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo, The Catholic Register

Vanessa is a communications coordinator in the Office of Public Relations and Communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto and former reporter and youth editor for The Catholic Register. 

You can follow her on twitter @V_Santilli.

TORONTO - For Joshua Roldan, true peace is only found in the Lord.

TORONTO - Paul Finn, 53, can’t point to that one moment that compelled him to study for the priesthood.

TORONTO - John Marcus “Tomi” Asenuga believes the talents we have should be used to spread goodwill amongst our neighbours — and help the Church.

TORONTO - Can a wound be beautiful? According to the late priest and Catholic writer Henri Nouwen, it can.

TORONTO - Former priest Peter Doherty is happy a fellow Argentine was elevated to the papacy. But he’s even happier knowing the Church is in the good hands of the man who ordained him.

BRAMPTON, ONT. - The two men who will be ordained priests in the archdiocese of Toronto this spring were honoured at the annual Ordinandi Dinner March 5 at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton, where they shared the stories of how they were called to the priesthood.

TORONTO - Dr. Stephen Hwang has been appointed the first endowed Chair of Homelessness, Housing and Health at St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto.

Each year thousands of high school students seek the next step in their educational journey — and there are plenty of options.

TORONTO - In the campus ministry context, every year is the Year of Faith, said Josh Canning.

MARKHAM, ONT. - The newly formed Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada are moving forward with a direction statement reflecting the unified congregation.