Glen Argan: Violence breeds in a world of indifference

The mirage that mass shootings — such as the massacre of 50 Muslims at prayer in Christchurch, New Zealand — are isolated incidents long ago vaporized. While mass killings are performed by deranged individuals whose behaviour falls well outside social norms, they are societal phenomena with societal roots.

    Cathy Majtenyi: Ontario takes hard-hearted approach with autism plan

    The Ontario government is advancing further along the road of privatization, this time in the area of autism therapies.

      Peter Stockland: A Gospel moment on the Green Line

      I’ve begun to call it the Gospel on the Green Line.

        Leah Perrault: God’s heart provides a soft landing

        Softening is a curious thing. We soften water, counteracting metals and minerals that stain and damage our clothing. We soften edges, to prevent slivers and injuries. We soften butter, to stop it from tearing through bread. 

          Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Basilians must search for a ‘priestly’ response

          In the few weeks since the revelations of Fr. Thomas Rosica’s long history of plagiarism, it has been a prime topic of conversation in Canadian Catholic circles, and not a few of my Catholic Register readers have asked for my view. 

            Charles Lewis: The Catholic writer has a burden of truth

            Years ago I lived in Wakefield, Que., a rural area about 40 minutes north of Ottawa in the Gatineau Hills. Many of the people who lived there plied a trade — carpenter, potter, painter and such. 

              Peter Stockland: A little elbow room for our list of wants

              The heart of the Ottawa imbroglio over SNC-Lavalin can be found in remembering the time Justin Trudeau elbowed a female MP aside to get what he wanted.

                Bob Brehl: Brexit could bring more 'Troubles'

                To much of the world, Britain’s clumsy exit from the European Union, slated to begin March 29, is somewhat of a joke. But to the people of a divided Ireland, particularly Catholics and Protestants in the North, it’s a threat to peace.

                  Glen Argan: Conscience and truth walk hand in hand

                  Former federal justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has become a Canadian hero for her courage in resisting political pressure from the Prime Minister’s Office to interfere in a court case against the Montreal-based contractor SNC-Lavalin.

                    Johanne Brownrigg: Who has the courage to follow Jody Wilson-Raybould's path?

                    Catholics have been reminded repeatedly they must separate Church and State. In government, medicine, law, public policy or discourse, we are expected to leave Him who shapes our life and our conscience at home.