Figure of Speech: Catholic values drive universities’ goals

When we speak of Catholic education it is almost a cliché to begin by saying that universities were born from the Church and to give Bologna and Oxford as examples of the foundational role the Church played in the development of higher education. 

    Fr. Raymond de Souza: Long line of martyr-bishops marked by men of no fear

    VATICAN – The twin canonizations — along with five others — of Pope St. Paul VI and St. Oscar Romero prompted many to look for similarities between the two. But the more suggestive similarity is between “San Romero” — as they call him in El Salvador — and the pope whose 40th anniversary is marked this week.

      Bishop Robert Barron: There is a way to set young hearts on fire

      The following is an abridged version of Bishop Barron’s recent presentation at the Synod of Bishops on young people:

        Robert Brehl: Was Wuerl resignation handled correctly?

        Pope Francis had little or no choice but to accept the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop in Washington, D.C.

          Barefoot and Preaching: Being carried does not come naturally

          After we are small children, it is rare that we are carried. Perhaps for a joke or dare, a photo-op at a threshold, maybe in the case of injury, or in certain situations in old age? My baby is big enough now I rarely carry his full weight unless he is asleep.

            Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo: Experiencing life and toxicity during the Season of Creation

            As celebrations for the Season of Creation unfolded over the past month, I was struck by two vastly different experiences: one life-giving, the other literally toxic.

              Peter Stockland: Abortion is a failure to create alternatives

              From a pessimistic perspective, a McGill University conference marking 30 years since the Morgentaler decision might seem another predictable festival of defensive triumphalism from pro-choice warriors.

                God's word on Sunday: Real wisdom begins with open mind

                28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Oct. 14 (Year B) Wisdom 7:7-11; Psalm 90; Hebrews 4:12-13; Mark 10:17-30

                  The Mustard Seed: God’s reign is ultimate reality

                  It is said that significant numbers of Catholics have left the Church over the clergy sexual abuse crisis and the ensuing coverup. I cannot verify this since I do not know any Catholics who have made that decision. Nor have I read any news articles which quoted people who have left the Church or which provided analysis showing the emigration of disaffected Catholics.

                    Church on the street: Secrets of street reveal pain… and joy

                    The summer had been warm and humid, and unlike many churches that can afford air conditioning, the church on the street had to find its own way of surviving the muggy evenings. 

                      Robert Brehl: Will Church leaders confront awful past?

                      Is it possible for a Catholic bishop to not know sex with children is a crime?