Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Sex abuse summit is catch-up time for much of the world

It is déjà vu all over again for Canadian bishops who travelled to Rome for the Vatican’s meeting on the protection of minors in the Church.

    Francis Campbell: Church, newspapers look to turn the tide

    It sometimes seems that you are playing for the losing team.

      Cathy Majtenyi: Health care discussions don’t belong in backroom

      It was a dramatic scene at Queen’s Park on Jan. 31: NDP Leader Andrea Horwath waving a copy of The Health System Efficiency Act 2019, a leaked bill that would see the Ontario government create a “super agency” to manage the province’s health care system.

        Barefoot and Preaching: The evolution of my love takes many turns

        Fluffy snow covered the sidewalk when I opened the garage door to leave for work. 

          The Church on the Street: Pets’ love brings warmth to cold streets

          Winter was settling in and it was a blustery, cold evening as I walked around the streets with Tracey, a survivor of the street who for 14 drug-addled years had called the alleys and drug dens of the downtown area “home.” 

            Charles Lewis: For those in pain… keep the faith

            I am writing this for all who suffer and for those of your family members and friends who suffer with you. In particular, I am writing this for those who, like myself, realize that their suffering may not end soon, or ever end.

              Bob Brehl: Covington kids encounter in Washington opens old wounds

              The repercussions from last month’s viral video of a confrontation between a group of Catholic high school students and a Native American man in Washington, D.C., feed into the schism of faith and politics in the U.S.

                Glen Argan: Forgiveness opens door to new possibilities

                Forgiveness is one of the highest human capacities, something which might help explain why it is so difficult to forgive.

                  Peter Stockland: At overdose prevention centre, success is measured by every breath

                  On a recent Saturday morning visit to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, a person mummy-wrapped in a dragonfly blue blanket lay motionless a few feet from the corner of Hastings and Main. 

                    Luke Stocking: One million rosaries have a story to tell

                    The cross I wear around my neck each day is a relatively large wooden one made by young people living in the poorest and most dangerous areas of Colombia. It is one of hundreds of thousands that they made as part of a project supported by Development and Peace. The crosses were given as a special gift from St. John Paul II at the World Youth Day papal Mass in Toronto on July 28, 2002. 

                      Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo: Iceland offers a history rich in faith and harmony

                      In Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, the church of Hallgrímur (Hallgrímskirkja) towers above the city. It is the tallest church in Iceland, rising almost 75 metres. Locals boast that you can see its spire from almost anywhere in the city — like a compass of sorts.