Robert Brehl: Persecution hits close to home

Over the Christmas season, one story after another that I read or watched seemed to indicate Christianity is under siege around the world.

    Peter Stockland: Millennial shatters all the stereotypes

    If stereotypes are made to be deflated, Amanda Achtman is a young woman who carries a suitcase full of needles and hat pins.

      Glen Argan: Teachers need to live a Catholic lifestyle

      Alberta’s Catholic school system is again under fire from the province’s education minister, David Eggen. The issue this time is the “Catholicity clause” in teachers’ contracts which require teachers to agree to live a Catholic lifestyle.

        Luke Stocking: There’s no need to fear UN migration compact

        I was troubled to hear my Ottawa colleague describe what she saw Dec. 8 on Parliament Hill. 

          Robert Brehl: Ringing in the New Year with optimism

          It’s easy to look around and be pessimistic. Public and household debt levels are alarmingly high in Canada. The Church is roiling from one abuse scandal to another. So many parts of the world seem in chaos with rampant corruption, wars and terrorism.

            Figure of Speech: This story of devotion hinges on hinges

            At St. Mary’s University here in Calgary, we open all our meetings with a reflection. Sometimes it is the university prayer, but often it is a meditation on a relevant issue, meant to support, comfort and uplift. 

              Charles Lewis: Baby, it’s getting way too cold for us

              I often admonish my brother for labeling too many things he dislikes as “stupid.” That word should be reserved for that which goes beyond the merely foolish or inane to the really, really stupid.

                Church on the Street: Searching for a home at Christmas

                We all have a longing for a place to call “home.” For people who spend many aimless years living on the streets, “homelessness” is more than a condition of the body, it is a condition of the soul. 

                  Francis Campbell: Invitation from Jesus open all year round

                  Christmas packages come in all sorts, shapes and sizes.

                    Angela Saldanha: Beggar’s bread starts bountiful life

                    “The poor you will always have with you.” Prophetic words of Jesus 2,000 years ago. 

                      Vanessa Santilli-Raimondo: Forest bathing cleanses mind and body

                      Should doctors start prescribing a leisurely walk in the forest to improve health and well-being? According to researchers from Japan, the answer is a resounding yes.