Bonhoeffer’s conscience condemned him to a martyrs’ death

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor executed by the Nazis in the dying days of the Second World War, has been recognized (perhaps by Protestant more than Catholic theologians) as one of the leading Christian thinkers of the 20th century. He was that, but he was much more: visionary, prophet, spy and martyr. 

    We are all His own

    Two days before its crews tidied up the National War Memorial in Ottawa on All Souls Day, Public Works Canada issued an advisory that flowers and other mementos would be removed. 

      A lamp under a bushel basket and a cooler of food

      For some time, we’d noticed several big coolers and baskets by the front door of a neighbour. Sometimes, while walking our dog, we’d see someone pull into the driveway and drop some food in a cooler or basket. 

        Death is not the final word

        “In the sight of the world, he is now dead.” 

          Ask God for help with worldly worries

          Sometimes, sleep doesn’t come easy. Dreams are pushed aside by worry and fretting. Counting sheep gives way to counting out real-life scenarios and possibilities late into the night. 

            Prayer integral in our schools, but there’s more that can be done

            Part of the mandate of Catholic schools is to ensure that students develop an appreciation and understanding of the role of prayer. 

              Never too late to listen to Pope Benedict XVI

              One of the world’s wisest voices was not heard during the synod fortnight in Rome. His time to speak publicly is definitively past, but it behooves the Church to listen now to what he said then. 

                Front line euthanasia ethics

                At this month’s Supreme Court hearing on assisted suicide, much time was spent arguing whether Canadians have a right to be killed. Few moments were spent considering those who would have to do the killing. 

                  The money debate: root of evil or springboard to happiness?

                  In a recent column, I mentioned the old biblical warning that money is the root of all evil and that sure set off a lively debate with my wife. 

                    Will the Church finally surrender to the sexual revolution?

                    The world has waited almost 50 years for the day, but is it on the horizon? 

                      A voice for justice impossible to silence

                      OTTAWA - When I was a teen, Bob Carty asked me if I could drive his standard-transmission blue Corolla. “It’s a long way to Mexico,” he said, “and we’ll have to drive hard to get there as fast as the others going down by bus.”