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OTTAWA -- Catholics and others of faith who have been stunned by the anti-religious freedom nature of a recently enacted Quebec law are not getting much support from Canada’s federal party leaders.

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Voters who live together under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience have added their two cents on the Oct. 21 federal election.

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All Canadians over the age of 18 enjoy the right to vote but, for Catholics, voting is also a duty.

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As we near the end of the election campaign, many comments on social media remind me of something Mark Twain wrote 112 years ago: “I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.”

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Thousands of first-time voters — including many young people born in this century — will head to the polls in the Oct. 21 federal election, along with millennials who make up Canada’s biggest voting bloc.

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OTTAWA -- As potential federal election candidates who hold pro-life views on abortion are squeezed out by some federal political parties, pro-life candidates are getting support from a surprising source.

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The Green Party has dropped one of its federal election candidates for her pro-life views.

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The Catholics of Toronto staked their election flag in the territory of reasoned, respectful debate at the largest, non-partisan, live-audience election event of 2019.

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Catholics are called to be engaged in the public square. As we prepare for the October 21 federal election, you are invited to be part of one of the largest live audience debates in Canada.

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Canada’s Catholic bishops are demanding that whoever forms the next government signs the nuclear weapons ban treaty and push NATO to denuclearize its military strategy.

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Whoever wins the Oct. 21 federal election will be focused on families and helping them get ahead — or so it would seem with the early slate of promises pouring out from the platforms of the ruling Liberals, the Conservatives and the NDP.

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It’s been called a “national health crisis” and a “public emergency.” It’s a major issue in next month’s federal election.

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As at least 60,000 people marched on United Nations headquarters Sept. 20 and hundreds of thousands of students around the world demanded climate solutions, Canadian Catholics launched a chapter of the Global Catholic Climate Movement with calls for politicians to confront climate change.

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In this federal election, part of me feels like a bystander. If you are like me, an orthodox Christian, someone whose faith is not confined to Sundays, you may feel the same.

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Each week up to the Oct. 21 federal election, The Register will examine a different issue of interest for Catholic voters.

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