A casino in Toronto will not solve the city’s fiscal problems. Register file photo

Rolling the dice on an ‘illusion’

  • May 9, 2013

The debate on whether Toronto should have a casino has generated a lively range of opinion, both pro and con. People I have discussed it with have a mixed reaction. There’s a sense that all those new jobs would be good and an occasional visit to the a casino might be fun, but there are serious concerns about what government-sponsored, high-stakes gambling could mean for families and for people with addiction problems.

This dichotomy is reflected in Toronto’s two most popular newspapers. The Sun firmly supports a casino, while The Star is mainly opposed.

As The Star put it, “What’s easier than free money — up to $150 million a year — and 10,000 permanent jobs, all served up to Toronto merely for saying ‘yes’ to a gambling mega-complex? But that projected windfall is surely pegged too high; jobs will be killed by a casino as well as created, and this city’s thriving downtown could very well be harmed.”

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