Children from a Christian neighbourhood in Lahore, Pakistan, whose house was burned by a Muslim mob, take refuge in a tent. CNS photo/Mohsin Raza, Reuters

When do we finally say that enough is enough?

  • June 13, 2013

Media reports this past week about the anti-blasphemy law in Pakistan got me angry, then it got me thinking.

Non-Muslim minorities — Christians, Baha’i, Hindus and others — are being imprisoned and their homes burnt down by mobs. It all stems from perceived insults to Islam. One incident involved a heated debate over drinks in a bar. One thing lead to another. Scores were settled. Homes torched.

And Pakistani authorities seem to do nothing to quell such violence. Indeed, authorities are more than turning a blind eye: they are participating in such horrible discrimination against non-Muslims.

The Globe and Mail reports that Pakistani Christian and human rights organizations say 1,122 people have been jailed in blasphemy cases over the last three decades with half being minorities, who make up only five per cent of the population...

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