The good side of human nature wins

  • November 21, 2013

As quickly as human nature can leave you discouraged, it can turn around and uplift you.

Cases in point: In Canada, recently we’ve seen plenty of the bad sides of human nature. Anything from self-important senators in Ottawa with their snouts in the public purse to a crack-smoking, binge-drinking mayor, who tosses out incredibly demeaning and lewd sexual comments to TV cameras.

To make matters worse, these purveyors of entitlement with their rancid public stench refuse to go away. They hang around, their rotting morals reminding us day after day about the bad side of human nature. (Yes, the Toronto mayor needs to take a leave of absence but he refuses to acknowledge this and prefers to abuse the system so, after several weeks of nonsense, I now refuse to cut him slack.)

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