UNITED NATIONS – Women should not be required to divest themselves of femininity to achieve empowerment and gender equality, according to panelists at a March 19 event at the United Nations.

Twenty-seven years after her death, Sr. Carmelina Tarantino is about to move one step closer to sainthood.

VATICAN – Catholic parents should vaccinate their children for the good of their children and the community, and they can do so with a "clear conscience" that "the use of such vaccines does not signify some sort of cooperation in voluntary abortion," said the Pontifical Academy for Life.
WASHINGTON – One of the founders of liberation theology in Latin America said he supports an effort to declare St. Oscar Romero a doctor of the Catholic Church.
WASHINGTON – The chairman of the U.S. bishops' domestic policy committee late March 19 expressed grief over the lives and livelihoods lost and threatened by the historic flooding in the Midwest and offered prayers for recovery.

Leona Huggins keeps telling her story — even though it’s unpleasant and she’s tired of talking about it. 

OTTAWA - Houses of worship are receiving an extra measure of security in Canada’s federal budget.

Christian leaders are called to a higher standard, according to Grade 9 student Lucas Georgey.

American author and theologian Brian Flanagan believes it is natural that victims of sexual abuse remain suspicious of the Church.

The status of Development and Peace as a Catholic charity in good standing hangs in limbo with no end in sight to a year-old review of some of the agency’s partnership agreements.

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