Today’s social media world has made abbreviations seem more ubiquitous than ever.

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It was 10 years ago at Tony Romo’s Steakhouse Restaurant in Calgary.

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We live in a time in which truth has lost its meaning. We live in a time in which truth is replaced by feelings. When something no longer feels right it cannot be the truth. Every opinion is valid and none is greater than another.

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The advent of social media has been positively embraced as a means of connecting people across long distances. It has also revolutionized marketing and public relations in unprecedented ways.

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The storming of Capitol Hill in the U.S. is among recent outcomes of a growing and insidious trend: the dispersal of false and, in many cases malicious, lies passed off as being “the truth.”

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A much-ballyhooed documentary entitled The Social Dilemma has been making the rounds on Netflix. It’s about some major players in the world of Big Tech, Silicon Valley and social media who have called it quits and are now on what I call “the apology tour.”

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In a world offering Canadian youth an abundance of choice, it’s up to religious institutions to help the future leaders of society characterize what constitutes a great choice, says sociologist Joel Thiessen.

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When told this issue of The Register would be dedicated to not only a year in review, but a decade in review, the idea immediately intrigued me.

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Whether it’s online shopping, banking or even dating, it’s as if we can live our lives entirely online. This is why the news about the banning of cellphones in all classes across Ontario next school year came as a surprise to me. The exceptions to the ban are when they are used as part of a teacher’s lesson, or for students with medical or special needs.
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Vancouver – Thousands have seen his videos about saints, yoga and wearing one’s Sunday best. Now, the priest of Ask Fr. Nick is back at it again — this time, taking questions about Lent.

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Young teenage girls on their phones regularly put themselves at risk for sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, but those risks decrease for teens whose parents talk to them about avoiding strangers online, a new Ipsos study for Covenant House has found.

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During a recent speech, French President Emmanuel Macron made a statement that hit a nerve with moms around the world. 

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Eric Bundgard has some sage advice for everyone: you know death is a reality we will all face, so be prepared for when it occurs.

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In my short lifetime, I have already seen three popes preside as the head of our Church. 

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VATICAN – In his prayer video for June, Pope Francis asked that digital communications and social media platforms would be a place of inclusion and encounter, rather than isolation and “alienation.”
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