St. Mother Teresa died Sept. 5, 1997 at age 87 after a lifetime of work with the poor in India. The founder of the Missionaries of Charity made several visits to Canada over the years and, in 1988, also recorded a message for the 100th anniversary of the Edmonton Catholic Schools. Here’s that message as reprinted in the pages of The Register after her death 21 years ago.

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It is impossible to teach about faith to students if the teachers themselves are not formed in the Catholic faith, says education consultant Patricia Dal Ben.

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I don’t go to a Catholic high school, but I have friends who do. Some of their stories suggest a failure in the Catholic education system that makes me feel relieved that I’m not their classmate. But I think if schools continue down this path, we are endangering the future of Catholic values in society, which is disheartening to me.

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Bigger is better and if we don’t get better we’re going to get beat, is the message one religious education teacher has brought back from a giant American convention for Catholic teachers.

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TORONTO – September isn’t just the start of another school year.

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The fall school year is just around the corner and The Catholic Register has put together a Catholic education special feature.

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As students and teachers prepare to start a new school year, it is appropriate to acknowledge the vital role of a group that is often maligned in education — those holding positions in administration.

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This week is Ontario's Catholic Education Week. Read all of the The Catholic Register's coverage here.

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Toronto – American Jesuit Father Greg Boyle told Ontario educators they must stand with the poor, the vulnerable and anyone who is rejected by society.

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TORONTO - The rigours of a regular classroom can be too much for some students. They struggle to cope for a variety of reasons, be they social or emotional, mental health or medical needs.

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