Speaking Out

It has been one year since Amoris Laetitia was released and Pope Francis’ apostolic letter remains just as relevant today.

Speaking Out: My wooden cross keeps my faith alive


Every so often, I get questioning looks directed at the cross hanging from my neck. Sometimes, people are curious to know what that wooden symbol means.

Speaking Out: My mission trip opened my eyes


When I saw houses that were falling apart and children walking around with tattered clothing, my heart sank. I’d seen pictures of third-world countries and had heard stories of the less fortunate, but my eyes were opened when I stepped into this life for a week.

Speaking Out: St. Patrick among my holy heroes


My parents gave me the name Patrick after St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Speaking Out: Got a minute? Let’s use it wisely


There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. Are we using this time wisely?

Speaking Out: Lent is a time to reflect and renew


Despite the fasting and the receiving of ashes ceremony that is common to every Catholic on Ash Wednesday, I have always found this day of solemnity to be a very personal experience.

Speaking Out: Feminine ‘genius’ is alive and well in the Church


Bigoted. Patriarchal. Sexist.

We’ve all heard the way some people talk about the Catholic Church — in our schools, at work, in the mainstream media or on the Internet. They say it’s an ancient institution, stuck in the past, left behind by modern progress in women’s rights.

Speaking Out: Quebec mosque shooting is an attack on us all


On Sunday, Jan. 29, just as I was getting ready to leave church after an evening Mass, a gunman opened fire on a mosque in Quebec City, killing six people and injuring many more shortly after the end of their evening prayers.

Speaking Out: The Church’s future counts on young people


In general, I’m a pretty hopeful person about the future of the Church, even more so with the announcement of the theme for next year’s Synod of Bishops.

Speaking Out: Remembering traditions of my heritage and the Church


Happy New Year! Growing up in Canada, I had a largely typical North American childhood experience, but it was also infused with the traditions of my Chinese heritage.