ST. PAUL, ALTA. – Neighbouring dioceses are stepping up to help the thousands who have been displaced by the catastrophic wildfire threatening the very existence of Fort McMurray, Alta.

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As firefighters continue the fight to save Fort McMurray from a wildfire that is threatening to consume the entire northern Alberta city, it is feared that St. Paul Church is one of the city’s structures that has been lost to flames.

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EDMONTON - Alberta Education Minister David Eggen is confident after meeting with the province’s Catholic bishops that the two sides will be able to find common ground on his department’s gender-identity guidelines.

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Pre-Vatican II babies remember it as if it were yesterday: Who made you? God made me? Why did God make you? To love Him in this world and to serve Him and be with Him in the next world.

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May 14, 2015

Cold days in hell

For all the talk about global warming what we’re now seeing is a freezing trend that’s producing an ice sheet over Satan’s lake of fire. We know this is happening because events long thought possible only when the underworld’s climate turned entirely upside down — when hell froze over — have become the order of the day.

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EDMONTON - Catholic charities are crying foul at the recent Alberta budget cut to the tax credit for charitable donations. 

Once among the highest in the country, the credit has been reduced to 12.75 per cent from 21 per cent for donations of more than $200 — meaning less incentive to give money to charity, including the Church.

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St. Albert, Alta. - It was in the fall of 1859 that the Grey Nuns arrived in Alberta, welcomed by Fr. Albert Lacombe at Lac Ste. Anne with ringing church bells and dancing First Nations people.

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One of the hardest things about moving to a small town is integrating into the community. After my last column was published, I was offered a job in northeastern Alberta and found myself moving to the town of St. Paul. It’s the centre of the diocese and at approximately 6,000 people it’s the smallest municipality I’ve ever called home.

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ST. ALBERT, ALTA. - Divorce statistics aside, Christians still see marriage as a tremendous gift in their lives.

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ST. PAUL, ALTA. - Fr. Gilbert Dasna is being remembered for being strong and faithful to his ministry as a priest.

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EDMONTON - Like homeschooling parents across Alberta, Maria Blunt believes the new Alberta School Act has the potential to undermine her freedom to teach her four children what she believes.

“I value the freedom of home education and to teach what I wish to teach but (the act) does limit our freedom as far as our values go,” the Sherwood Park woman said.

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Edmonton - Alberta’s newest member of the Canadian Senate is a board member of the Western Catholic Reporter and a long-time leader in St. Joseph’s Basilica parish.

Betty Unger, named to the Senate Jan. 6 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has served as chair of the WCR board and is currently in her seventh year as a board member. Unger has also been the chair of the parish pastoral council at the basilica parish and currently serves on its finance and administration, and human resources committees. She is also a member of the parish Catholic Women’s League and a Sunday lector.

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CALGARY - Young pro-lifers from Calgary are petitioning the Alberta government to bring a halt to provincial funding for abortions.

The campaign to Defund Abortion in Alberta is a grassroots initiative started by university and college students, mostly from Calgary, seeking to eliminate public funding for abortion and to support conscience rights for taxpayers.

“A defunding campaign will also focus on uniting Albertans who often disagree about tactics in the abortion debate, but who would generally agree that tax dollars should not fund abortions,” said Amanda Achtman, a University of Calgary student active in the group.

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