VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis called for a global fight against the virus of "closed nationalism" and lack of concern for the poor by supporting "the temporary suspension of intellectual property rights" that prevent the widespread manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines.

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MANCHESTER, U.K. – After what has been deemed a terrorist attack that killed 22 people – mostly youth – at a theatre in Manchester Monday night, local Bishop John Arnold condemned the act, saying there is no justification for such violence.

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Since St. Michael's Choir School began pressing albums in the 1970s, those purchasing the choral soundtracks were much like the students – members of an exclusive club.

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TORONTO - For many Torontonians, regardless of religion, the St. Michael’s Choir School Christmas concert marks the beginning of the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Christmas season.

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TORONTO - The Office of Catholic Youth hopes to strike the right chord with young people by entering the concert business.

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