Ladies, you’re being lied to. You can’t have it all. (And while we’re at it, all what?) No one can or does “have it all.”

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Theology of the Body is for people in the pews.

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“Sorry lady, but I am not going to call you mother.”

The theatre audience snickered during the sole moment of comedy in the film Novitiate. In the scene, a concerned mother of a young novice was confronting the Mother Superior about the wellbeing of her daughter, newly arrived at the convent.

The film, which opened in theatres Nov. 3, follows a 17-year-old novice as she becomes a nun during the mid-1960s. The film has received mixed reviews from critics, both Catholic and secular, for its content and its portrayal of the Church. To some it is historically inaccurate and unworthy of support; to others the story and the message is compelling enough to overlook whatever artistic license the director may have taken. 

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What’s a Catholic movie-goer to think?

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VANCOUVER – More people need to take some cues from Metallica lead singer James Hetfield, according to Theology of the Body expert Sr. Helena Burns, FSP.

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For those suffering from a frail, forgotten or non-existent belief in God, the HBO mini-series The Young Pope has a message that may change some minds, says Sr. Helena Burns.

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Clarity, joy, relief, purpose, fire, blown minds, singing hearts. According to Sr. Helena Burns these are just some of the things that participants will be guaranteed to leave with after taking her Theology of the Body course.

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Q & A event to promote dialogue between youth and religious.

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TORONTO - Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body holds answers women seek from the Church, but many are unaware of its teachings.

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Young women from Toronto are heading to Nunapalooza this summer to check out the Sisterhood. 

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